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Using this template on an article page creates a formatted information box in the upper right-hand corner of that page. It will also be called by {{item}} to display that information box as a tooltip. You can supply any number of the optional parameters to display specific text in the tooltip.

This template is meant to reflect the display of an ingame-tooltip.

Required Minimum Syntax

The following parameters are required for every tooltip template, and the entire block should always be the first thing on an article page. However, without any further parameters, only an empty box will display:



For {{item}} to work, the following minimum parameters are required:


Named parameters

This is the full list of named parameters listed in order that they appear in the displayed/in-game tooltip. Parameters that apply color to text in the finished tooltip have the same color here.

icon to display. omit Image:/File: and extension (.png). Uses {{icon}}.
Example: |icon=Rubat Crystal
item name as it appears in-game.
name of SW:TOR-Wiki page for this item, if different from |name=.
Example: |disambigpage=Grade 1 Power Crystals
item quality, passed to {{quality}} to generate formatted item name.
stack size for stackable items. Uses {{icon}}.
Example |roll=28 for Item Roll Level 28
buy this item from a vendor. Use {{cost}}/{{costitem}}
Example: |vendor={{cost|123}}
Item binding type. Options are 'BoE', 'BoU' or 'BoP'.
For Item Modifications. If this is set (Item Modifications) will appear under bind text. If bind= is not set, then bindtype entry followed by (Item Modifications) will appear.
Example: |bindtype=Armoring displays Armoring (Item Modifications)
Mission Item.
Example: |mitem=1
Unique items. Pass a number greater than 0 if required.
Example: |unique=1
Slots. Use this if the item has multiple slots, enter text pre-formated (e.g. |slots=[[Slots#Main Hand|Main Hand]], [[Slots#Offhand|Offhand]]). See full list
Slots. ("Chest", "Offhand", "Ship Armor"...). See full list
item type, used for companion gifts and alike. ("Courting", "Imperial Memorabilia", ...). See full list
item rank. Pass a number greater than 0 if the item has a rank.
Example: |rank=2
Armor provided by the item.
armor rating of the item.
Weapon Damage. Provide a range.
Example: |dmg=63.0-95.0
weapon damage type.
Example: |dmgtype=Energy
weapon damage rating.
Example: |dmgrating=54
Shield Absorb.
Example: |sabsorb=20.0
Shield Chance.
Example: |schance=5.0
item's Durability. Provide the maximum, not the fraction.
Example: |durability=120
item total stats. Split with <br /> tags, not line breaks.
Example: |stats=+16 Strength<br />+17 Endurance
item modifications. Split with <br /> tags, not line breaks.
Example: |mods=Color Crystal<br />Hilt<br />Mod<br />Enhancement
item is for a specific companion.
Example: |reqcomp=Vette
character level required to use this item.
Example: |reqlevel=12
item requires Proficiency to use. See full list
Social rank required to use this item.
Example: |reqsocial=II
Character alignment required to use this item.
Example: |reqalign=Dark II
custom requirements such as Augment slot requirements.
Example: |reqcust=Augment Slot MK-1 or better
Character alignment forbidden to use this item.
Example: |foralign=Dark I
Class required to use this item.
Example: |reqclass=Sith Juggernaut
Warzone Rating required to use this item.
Example: |reqwz=1800
green "Use" line of the item. Split with <br /> tags, not line breaks. Some shortcuts are available ("gift")
description text of the item.
Example: |desc=This item has no use, but it can be sold to a vendor.
components to make the item. Split with <br /> tags, not line breaks.
Example: |comps={{item|common|Nextor Crystal}} x4

Display modes

Passing |mode= to the template (and, by extension to the item page syntax, any item page) affects how the template renders the tooltip. There are several valid mode values:

mode=home / mode=away
Displays the tooltip as if on its item page (home) or not on its item page (away). If mode is omitted, the appropriate one of those is chosen by default.
mode=link / mode=imlink
Return an item link (link) or an item link with an image (imlink) instead of the tooltip.
mode=arg (in combination with |arg=)
Returns the value of the arg parameter defined in the tooltip of that page, or "--" if it is not defined.

"type", "slot" and "reqprof" values

List of values that appear in tooltips.

Imperial Memorabilia,
Republic Memorabilia,
mhm, main melee, main hand melee,
ohm, off melee, offhand melee,
mhr, main ranged, main hand ranged,
ohr, off ranged, offhand ranged,
ohg, off, off general, offhand general,
sg, scattergun,
imp, implant,
emp, emp generator,
ewp, electronic warfare pod,
sa, ship armor,
es, energy shield,
sr, shield regenerator,
bc, beam charger,
bg, beam generator,
mm, mag, missile magazine,
pt, torpedo, proton torpedoes,
pcm, power conversion module,
cust, customization,
sensor unit,
d, droid,
f, focus,
h, heavy, heavy armor,
l, light, light armor,
m, medium, medium armor,
aa, adaptive, adaptive armor,
pg, power, power generator,
sg, shield, shield generator,
a, assault, assault cannon,
p, pistol, blaster pistol,
r, rifle, blaster rifle,
dls, double, double-bladed lightsaber,
es, staff, electrostaff,
ls, saber, lightsaber,
sg, scatter, scattergun,
sr, sniper, sniper rifle,
tb, blade, techblade,
ts, techstaff,
t, training, training saber,
vk, knife, vibroknife,
vs, sword, vibrosword

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