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This tooltip is in production, but is still missing many boundaries and images. For information on which are still needed, please see: MediaWiki talk:Coordstooltip.js


{{Tooltip Coords|<Map>|<East/West>|<North/South>}}

As in:

Farnel Outpost - Command Center entrance: {{Tooltip Coords|Bugtown|278|-220}}

which yields:

Farnel Outpost - Command Center entrance: [278, -220]

List of known maps

Any zone with an existing file "Zone_map.jpg" will show a popup, but coordinates will only work for those specified in the file coords.js.

See "HOWTO add/change coordinates" in MediaWiki:Coordstooltip.js for adding/changing coordinates.

For a list of example coordinates of available maps see: coordstooltip.js' talk page.

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