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Temple of Sacrifice
Temple of Sacrifice

Level 60-70 Operation

Location Yavin 4
Hard Mode Yes
Nightmare Mode No
End Boss Revan

Temple of Sacrifice ("ToS*") is the second operation of the Shadow of Revan expansion and unlike Ravagers, plays a role within the story of SWTOR. Temple of Sacrifice is the first and only operation that is able to directly progress a DLC's main story. It was released with Patch 3.0.0 on December 2nd, 2014. This operation has five bosses, ending with Revan who's Hard Mode variant is notorious for being one of the hardest bosses in the game.

It is the second level 60 operation in terms of difficulty, with the first being The Ravagers. With patch 5.0.0, the level was increased to 70. It can be completed in Story Mode and Hard Mode.

*Please note: "ToS" can also mean Terms of Service, so sometimes the abbreviation is just "Temple"



  • Galactic Republic [60] Temple of Sacrifice
  • Galactic Republic [60W] Temple of Sacrifice
  • Sith Empire [60] Temple of Sacrifice
  • Sith Empire [60W] Temple of Sacrifice


Temple of Sacrifice takes place on the moon Yavin 4.



  • Malaphar the Savage <Massassi Warlord>
  • Sword Squadron Unit <Revanite Assault Walker>
  • The Underlurker <Corrupted by the Dark Side>
  • Revanite Commanders
  • Revan


Main article: Temple of Sacrifice loot

Story mode bosses drop Massassi and Resurrected gear along with Elite Commendations. Hard mode bosses drop ?? and ?? gear along with Elite and Ultimate Commendations. Exonium and ??, Grade 11 exotic crafting materials, can also be acquired within this operation.


  • Temple of Sacrifice


  • Patch 3.0.0 (2 Dec 2014): Added.

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