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Few creatures in the galaxy are as deadly as the legendary terentatek. These beast cut imposing figures; their hulking frames are covered in an array of spikes, and each is armed with tusks and claws that deliver lethal venom. Their prowess and hostility are well-known throughout the galaxy, but perhaps the creature's most impressive quality is its hide, which is highly resistant to force attacks. This exceptional defense, combined with its raw power and violent nature, makes the terentatek formidable even to teams of the most skilled warriors.

The origins of the terentatek are shrouded in mystery; one theory purports they evolved amidst the dark energies on Korriban, shaped and corrupted by the rituals of early dark Jedi. Another hypothesis claims that the Sith Lord Exar Kun created the terentatek by subjecting rancors to his strange force experiments. Regardless of their true origins, the terentatek pose a great threat to any in their path - especially force-sensitives. Whether it was the period in which they originated or not, terentatek spread across the galaxy most rapidly during the reign of Exar Kun. The Sith Lord bred them specifically to destroy Jedi holdings across many worlds. The creatures became permanent residents on these worlds, seeking out areas strong in the dark side and going dormant for many years before re-emerging to hunt again. Jedi have repeatedly attempted to rid the galaxy of the terentatek, but none of their efforts have been successful to date.


  • Ancient Terentatek
  • Ancient Terentatek Ravager
  • Enraged Terentatek
  • Enraged Terentatek Alpha
  • Raging Terentatek
  • Stalking Terentatek
  • Terentatek Mauler
  • Terentatek Ravager
  • Terentatek Ravager Spawnling
  • Unleashed Maelstrom Terentatek


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