The Ancient Hypergate is a PvP warzone. The Ancient Hypergate warzone's gameplay is based around two energy pylons at each side of the field and safe zone in the middle.


The Ancient Hypergate is a simulation that trains the Republic to battle against Imperial troops. The scenario takes place in an ancient ruin that contain incredible technologies. The ruins are protected by a security system which are powered by two energy pylons. The Republic and the Empire must capture the pylons before their enemy can.


The idea of the warzone is to capture and power up the pylons by capturing Gree energy orbs from the center safe zone or by defeating enemy players. The warzone itself is made up of several rounds with each round consisting of a set time limit before the pylons explode and release a lethal amount of radiation that kills any player it touches. In order to charge the pylons players must bring Gree energy orbs back to their pylon or defeat enemy players. With each one giving a certain amount of points based on the multiplier to the respective team who defeated an enemy player or captured a set of energy orbs. As the round progresses the point multiplier goes up thus making defeating enemy players and gathering orbs worth more points.

Victory conditions are whichever team can charge their pylon to max capacity the fastest, this is indicated by a green bar for your team's points and a red one for the enemy. It should be noted that neither team's points are "locked in" until the pylons emit the deadly radiation. Each team's score bar has a small arrow that shows how much more charge either team's pylon will gain once they lock in and emit the radiation. Pylons are not set however and can be captured by the enemy team, thus allowing a double cap. If both teams reach max charge at the same time the victor is decided by whoever has the most points.


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