The Ark
The Ark
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Hutt Cartel
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Escape ship
"Hidden within the Giant’s Spear mesa is the answer to surviving the devastation of Makeb: a gigantic starship with vast holds that could contain millions of people, known as the Ark. The Ark project has suffered from delays and mismanagement thanks to its corrupt foreman, Veedrig, and is still not quite spaceworthy. Although the Ark seems enormous while it is empty, transporting millions of frightened refugees to safety will be a logistical nightmare. Bringing basic food, water and medical supplies will necessitate packing people like cargo. Nevertheless, with no options left, transports and caravans are already being sent to evacuate Makeb’s residential districts and bring people to the Ark."

The Ark is a massive starship built by the Hutt Cartel. The vessel was commissioned by Toborro the Hutt to escape Makeb's volatile atmosphere while carrying a colossal payload of the recently discovered power source, Isotope-5.


The Hutts began the construction in secret inside the Giant's Spear mesa, it was nearly complete in the early days of the destabilization of Makeb's core. During the hypothesized crisis, the Galactic Republic captured and completed construction of the starship. The Ark has now been re-purposed to evacuate the majority of the planet's population in response to growing worries over the state of the planet.

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