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The Arm That Holds the Saber

Level 2 mission
Jedi Knight Class Mission

Planet [[Tython]]
Area [[Jedi Temple]]
Start [[Aven]]
End [[Master Muheeda]]

The Arm That Holds the Saber is a level 2 mission available to Jedi Knights. It can be obtained on the planet Tython at the entrance to the Jedi Temple. This mission is begun by speaking to the Jedi messenger Aven.


The masters of the Jedi Temple have tasked Avin with giving a message to any young Jedi Knights entering the building: should they seek to continue their training they can seek out Master Muheeda, a trainer on the Temple's second floor.


Aven, a fellow Jedi, has recommended you speak with Master Muheeda to improve your skills.

Speak with Master Muheeda on the upper level of the Jedi Temple.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Arm That Holds the Saber mission description



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