The Battle of Hoth was the greatest and most devastating battle of the Great Galactic War, tens of thousands of lives were lost and billions of credits worth of high technology and starships were destroyed.


This lore can be found in the Starship Graveyard on Hoth. X:1907, Y:-266


"During the height of the Great War, a vital battle was fought above Hoth–a battle many credit with forcing the Republic to accept the terms of the Treaty of Coruscant. It began when Imperial Intelligence uncovered evidence of a massive Republic fleet buildup near Hoth. Prototype battle cruisers constructed with cutting edge technology formed the backbone of an armada hundreds of ships strong–an armada believed to have been designed for a full-scale invasion of the Imperial capital world of Dromund Kaas. The invasion never happened. The Empire moved to ambush the Republic super-fleet first. The battle raged for days and found its epicenter in the Hoth system. The greatest starships and some of the greatest warriors in both fleets were destroyed, and high technology and scorched metal rained down onto the ice fields. In the end, the Empire succeeded in its goal; the Republic had been robbed of its chance at victory, and the tide of the war turned."
―In-game codex[src]
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