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The Battle of Ilum

The Battle of Ilum

Galactic Republic and Sith Empire Flashpoint

Location Ilum
Story Mode 49+
Veteran Mode 50+
Master Mode 50+
Group Finder Yes
Encounters Gark the Indomitable
Velasu Graege
Krel Thak
Darth Serevin


The Battle of Ilum is a level 49-50 flashpoint for both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.


Located on Ilum, on the lower level of the base, near the Cantina.


Darth Malgus has declared himself the leader of a new inclusive Empire that will unite the galaxy by purging the old, weak Empire and eradicating the Republic. From his hidden throne aboard the Emperor's stealth space station, Malgus commands a vast army of loyal aliens and humans. He has called on his followers to invade Ilum and seize the planet's Adegan crystals - rare elements essential to the completion of Malgus's all-powerful stealth fleet. To find Malgus and end his revolution, you must defend Ilum and secure a command ship from the invading stealth fleet.


Ilum Under Siege[]

  • Complete Flashpoint: The Battle of Ilum

[Story] Flashpoint: The Battle of Ilum[]

  • Shuttle to the Battlefield and Complete the Flashpoint

[FLASHPOINT] The Battle of Ilum[]

  • Board the Shuttle to the Battlefield
  • Take a Speeder to the Trenches
  • Defeat the Alien Commanders
  • Disable the Security Field
  • Get to Fort Barrow
  • Destroy Forcefield Generator A
  • Destroy Forcefield Generator B
  • Destroy Forcefield Generator C
  • Override the Security Console
  • Locate the Stealth Ship Prototype
  • Defeat Darth Serevin

"Evening the Odds" (Bonus)[]

  • Destroy the Turbolaser Batteries: (6)

"Crystal Fortress" (Bonus)[]

  • Stage 1: Defeat Malgus's Forces: (30)
  • Stage 2: Defeat Malgus's Forces: (40)
  • Stage 3: Destroy the Crystal Mining Supplies: (10)
  • Final Stage: Destroy the Auxiliary Generator
  • Final Stage: Defeat the Guid Patriarch


Gark the Indomitable[]

Gark is a Soldier style boss with two Major abilities: Hail of Bolts and Concussive Shot. Hail of Bolts is a Damage over Time Cone, so the Tank should be sure to keep Gark facing away from the rest of the group. Concussive Shot knocks the target, but can be interrupted. Gark also spawns weak mobs throughout the fight, though they may overwhelm the group if not managed.

Drinda-Zel and Velasu Graege[]

Drinda and Velasu come as a pair. Drinda has only one notable ability: Force Lightning, while Velasu has two: Concussion Charge and Concussion Missile, and he also spawns turrets. Put the Tank in front of Velasu, while the DPS focuses on defeating Drinda. Drinda has low damage output, but her Force Lightning stuns whoever it hits, so try to interrupt. Once Velasu reaches 50% health, he will spawn four turrets. The turret mobs do weak damage, but on higher difficulties, will respawn until Velasu is killed, so ignore them or use Crowd Control abilities if overwhelmed.

Krel Thak[]

Krel Thak is the last of the Alien Commanders, and has two major abilities: Proximity Probe, and a Area of Effect Stun ability, as well as a large pool of health and the ability to summon mobs. After Krel Thak has begun taking damage, he will activate Proximity Probe as often as his cooldown allows. When Proximity Probe is active, All attackers within melee range are knocked back and receive damage. For every 20% of Health that he loses, Krel Thak activates his AOE Stun ability and summons four Allied Weequay Fighters. Krel Thek will often combine these two abilities, which will leave the party exposed for 1-2 seconds to attacks from Krel Thak and his minions. Escape is also an option with Krel Thek, as the door behind him is open during the whole fight, if the party can also get through the enemies behind the boss without dying.

Guid Patriarch (Bonus)[]

The Guid Patriarch is the End Boss for the "Crystal Fortress" Quest, and is has one major ability: Rampage, where it will slam the ground repeatedly, stunlocking the group. The Guid Patriarch also summons adds at the beginning of the fight, which can cause issues at higher difficulties. Clear out the area around where the Guid Patriarch spawns, before starting the fight. Clear the adds early in the fight, and then focus on draining the Patriarch in between Rampages.

Commander Folex[]

Commander Folex, the Traitor of Fort Barrow, is a Miniboss before the final boss. Spawns with two New Imperial Officers, one Forsaken Sith Marauder, and one New Imperial Medic. Kill the Medic, then clear the Officers and Marauder, and finally Folex.

Darth Serevin[]

Darth Serevin is the final boss of the Flashpoint, and has a variety of abilities across two phases: Electro Storm, Dark Blast, Stealth and Electrocute, and Force Explosion. He also spawns with Queneth Li, who can heal Darth Serevin if not dealt with early. The first step is to kill Queneth - Place the tank directly in front of Serevin, and use DPS to defeat Queneth before dealing major damage to Serevin. Serevin will go through two rotations of Phase 1 and Phase 2, swapping phase every time his health drops 25%. In Phase 1, Darth Serevin will use standard attacks and Crystal Projection to deal damage to whoever is highest on his Hate List. Serevin will also use Dark Blast to Sleep the Tank, so this should be interrupted. In phase 2, Serevin switches to using Stealth, picking a random group member, and using Electrocute to damage and stun that group member. Once his health is below 50%, Serevin adds Electro Storm and Force Explosion to the rotation. If the cast for Force Explosion is not interrupted, the party will be stunned for 2 seconds while also receiving Damage over Time from Serevin's lightning.

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