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The Black Talon
The Black Talon
The captain of an Imperial transport refuses official orders to intercept a Republic battleship, and your team must seize control of the transport and carry out the mission. Will you kill or spare the captain?
Level 10-13
Location Imperial Fleet
Previous Next
None Hammer Station
GXR-5 Sabotage Droid
Sergeant Boran
Commander Ghulil
GXR-7 Command Droid (Optional)
Yadira Ban

The Black Talon is an early-game Imperial Flashpoint. (The Republic opposite to this is The Esseles)


On the edge of the Empire's borders, a small skirmish has taken place between Imperial cruisers and Republic forces. During the battle, a Republic warship carrying an Imperial defector slipped away and is now on a direct course for Republic space. The Empire refuses to risk letting valuable military secrets fall into enemy hands.

But the Captain of the Black Talon has refused the order, and now Imperial command has turned a group of loyal imperials who have procured transport on the ship. Their orders: take control of the Black Talon from the rebellious Captain, hunt down the damaged Republic warship and recapture the defector.

The Black Talon is available to Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 10.


When the group first comes aboard the Black Talon, they will be directed to talk to Lieutenant Sylas. After talking to Sylas, the group will be directed to talk to the protocol droid NR-O2 who patches the group through to Imperial Grand Moff Kilren. Kilren wants a defector aboard the Republic Thranta-class warship Brentaal Star and tasks Captain Revinal Orzik to intercept it. The captain disobeys that order and Kilren and tasks the group to seize control of the ship.


1a. GXR-5 Sabotage Droid

This is the first boss and will be encountered if the group kills Captain Orzik.

1b. Sergeant Boran

This is the alternative first boss consisting of Sergeant Boran, Corporal Hattak, Private "Crosshairs" Keemos, and S1-M0 "Doc Simon". The Republic Boarding Party will be encountered if the group spares Captain Orzik's life.

2. Commander Ghulil

This is the second boss.

3. GXR-7 Command Droid (Optional Boss)

This is an optional boss within the Black Talon.

4. Yadira Ban

This is the final boss within the Black Talon.


Story Mode

Hard Mode Loot

  • Sergeant / Droid: Tionese Belt
  • Commander Ghulil: Energized Legs
  • GXR-7: Tionese EarPiece
  • Yadira Ban: Columi Bracers


How to Black Talon Hardmode

How to Black Talon Hardmode

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The Sith Warrior chooses to kill the captain.


The Black Talon emerges from hyperspace near a republic warship which fires and sends boarding craft toward it.


The Transport Pod breaches the hull of the ship dropping off Republic Troopers starting the battle.


An Engineer sending a distress signal requiring emergency assistance in the engines.

Breach bulkhead

More Republic Troopers breach the Black Talon via the engine room bulkhead.


The Sith Warrior and his Bounty Hunter companion confront the Captain.


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