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Sith Empire The Black Talon Sith Empire

Black talon screenshot.png

Sith Empire Flashpoint

Location Space transport
Story Mode 10-14
Veteran Mode 10-14
Master Mode 50+
Group Finder Yes
Encounters GXR-5 Sabotage Droid
Commander Ghulil
GXR-7 Command Droid (Optional)
Yadira Ban

The Black Talon is an early game Flashpoint (approximately levels 8-12), available only to those who are sided with the Empire. Players will be able to enter the flashpoint after they have completed their starting planet, and it is not necessary for players to have an advanced class or even a full group to complete (requires two or more party members and empty player slots will be filled by companions).


"The captain of an Imperial transport refuses official orders to intercept a Republic transport, and your team must seize control of the transport and carry out the mission. Will you kill or spare the captain?"

The Black Talon is a Gage-Class Transport in service with the Sith Empire's navy during the Cold War.


[STORY] Flashpoint: The Black Talon[]

  • Board the Black Talon and complete the Flashpoint

[VETERAN] Flashpoint: The Black Talon[]

  • Talk to NR-02 in the Lounge
  • Talk to the Imperial Lieutenant
  • Talk to NR-02 on the Bridge
  • Destroy the GXR-5 Sabotage Droid
  • Return to NR-02 on the Bridge
  • Contact the Black Talon via holoterminal
  • Get to the Engine Deck
  • Get to the Escape Pods
  • Defeat Yadira Ban
  • Talk to the General
  • Contact the Black Talon via holoterminal
  • Return to the Black Talon in a Transport
  • Return to NR-02 on the Bridge
  • Plot the Ship's Course via the Navigational Terminal

Crippled Defenses (bonus)[]

  • Destroy Sabotage Droids (25)
  • Defeat Republic Forces (25)
  • Disable Munitions Power Consoles (4)
  • Final Stage: Defeat GXR-7 Command Droid


The Black Talon is a low-level flashpoint that can be completed by both groups with stratified healing, tanking, and DPS roles.[1] Many of the enemies encountered are non-elites, making them easy to take down by beginner groups. It's also quite feasible, by most classes after levels 12-14 to solo the flashpoint, provided they have a tanking or healing companion and fulfill the opposite role themselves. Crowd control would be recommended in a soloing attempt.

First boss[]

The first boss, GXR-5 Sabotage Droid, has a total of 16480 HP and can inflict both long-range laser attacks and close-range melee attacks. Groups that have successfully completed this boss have used pillars and other environmental features for cover when non-tanking members gain the attention of the boss,[2] allowing them to disengage from targeting. Multiple Republic droids spawn throughout the event, and although they can be easily taken down is important to not let them overburden you, so they should be taken out quickly.


GXR-5 itself is not much different from normal, the mechanic of the droids that he spawns are the most troublesome aspect for some groups. These droids will spawn around the boss and thus can appear on top of the melee. When they reach their targeted player they will explode dealing ~7k. The droids probes have a small easily dispatch-able amount of health that range can if needed take care of. The droids can also be kited till they automatically explode away from the group. Avoid these effectively enough make this fight much more simplified for your healer.

Drops: Tionese waist item

Second boss[]

Players fight Commander Ghulil

After combating a number of non-elite NPCs on the Brentaal Star, players come face-to-face with Commander Ghulil. This boss has 19413 HP and is located in the Brentaal Star Transport Deck. Ghulil performs melee attacks and periodically releases small fire sentries that release an area of effect fire blast every second where they are stationed, requiring players to both kite the boss and to be aware of their own surroundings.


Kill the two adds at the start then focus the boss down The boss will cast Plasma Probes which can be interrupted. This spell if not interrupted will place a AoE pulsing fire spot on the ground that players must avoid. If you are not able to interrupt them the tank needs to move the boss around the room making sure to keep a clear path and give room for range / healers to avoid the AoE pulses.

Rewards Legs

Optional boss[]

After reaching the engine deck players will face the GXR-7 Command Droid, a level 10 boss with 23295 HP. Tanking this boss is impossible, as threat is transferred periodically to other players, rotating members of the group. Once targeted, the droid fires a continuous barrage of heavy fire, forcing the targeted player to take cover in order to survive. Players that are within close range of the droid when targeted are hit by a massive knock-back physical attack.

Final boss[]

Before players can reach the escape pod they are confronted by Yadira Ban, a Twi'lek Jedi Guardian intent on guarding "The General". She has 12825 HP and a much wider range of abilities than previous bosses, including a force ability that pulls in players and slows their movement significantly for five seconds, ground slam, Force Push, and Force Charge. After using her force pull ability, Yadira Ban slams the ground after a few seconds inflicting area of effect damage to all nearby opponents. Despite her considerable strength and damage she can be taken down quickly and easily by avoiding her ground slams.

Non-Player Characters[]



  • Imperial Lieutenant
  • Black Talon Guard
  • Black Talon Marine
  • Black Talon Security Droid
  • Republic Attack Drone
  • Republic Sliver Battledroid
  • Republic Infiltrator Droid
  • Brentaal Star Trooper
  • Brentaal Star Defender
  • GXR-7 Sentinel
  • Brentaal Star Corporal
  • Brentaal Star Specialist
  • Brentaal Star Medic
  • Brentaal Star Security Chief



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