Republic only codex, received during the mission line “Riot in the Warden’s Station” .


"Righteous and ideological, the Condemned is a gang of prison inmates united by a common past–unlike their fellow inmates, none of the Condemned have ever been convicted of a crime. Instead, the Condemned are all descended from criminals and dissidents imprisoned on Belsavis. The Republic, fearing exposure, refused to grant amnesty to any prison-born offspring, effectively passing the parents’ life sentences on to their children. These “cell inheritors” were divided and directionless until a young and charismatic Kaleesh named Nyranos united them. Nyranos, whose father was convicted of destroying a Republic embassy on Kashyyyk, grew disillusioned with his imposed imprisonment and petitioned Warden Playt for parole. When his petition was denied, Nyranos rallied his fellow Condemned as they swore to take their freedom by force."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]
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