Dark Temple

The Dark Temple.

"Hundreds of years ago, the Sith Emperor ordered the construction of the Dark Temple as a burial place for his dead and defeated enemies, “to aid them in becoming one with the Force.” Little is known of what rituals the Emperor performed there, but the Dark Temple has become a nexus of powerful dark side energy, and a place where ancient weapons and ancient secrets of the Sith lay sealed away in cavernous chambers. Although the Dark Temple grounds have always been a dangerous place for the weak-willed (the expansion of the Kaas City power grid into tunnels beneath the temple drove a thousand slaves mad), the temple itself remained sealed until recently, when an expedition of power-hungry Sith Lords and their servants breached the gateway. The Dark Council did not sanction this intrusion, nor did it punish the rogue Sith; no one returned from the expedition to punish. Violent electrical storms surrounded the temple for the first week after it was opened, and since then, additional expeditions have been sent by the council to determine the temple’s status. Their reports have not been made public."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

The Dark Temple is a mysterious temple west of Kaas City on Dromund Kaas, the capital world of the Sith Empire. Hunndred of years ago, The Sith Emperor ordered the construction of the temple. He claimed that the temple would serve as a burial place of his deceased enemies so they could be one with the Force. Little is known about the Emperor's rituals inside the temple, but the Dark Temple is a sanctuary of powerful Dark Side energy, a place where old weapons and dark secrets are hidden from the Sith. One of these hidden weapons are the so-called Phobis Devices. One of these devices, the powercore, is locked up and hidden inside the temple by the Emperor.

The Dark Temple has always been a dangerous location for the weak minded. It once made a thousand slaves go insane while they were expanding Kaas City. Because of this, the Dark Council sealed off the temple. Although recently, a few Sith Lords ordered their slaves to enter the temple and explore it's interior. The Dark Council didn't punish these slaves because they never returned. Since these slaves entered the temple, the temple is surrounded by several electrical storms and the Dark Council has sent several expeditions to investigate.

After the Battle of Corellia, the Galactic Republic launched a massive strike attack on Dromund Kaas. A Jedi Knight landed on Kaas City an managed to infiltrate the Dark Temple. With the help of Lord Scourge, former Wrath of the Emperor, the Jedi Knight managed to locate the Emperor in his throne room in the Dark Temple. The two engaged in a large duel. After the fight the Jedi Knight defeated the Emperor and fled Dromund Kaas. After his defeat, the Dark Temple collapsed partially.


Dark Temple map

A map of the Dark Temple.

Dark temple

The main chamber of the Dark Temple.

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