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The Dread Fortress
The Dread Fortress

Level 55-70 Operation

Location Oricon
Hard Mode Yes
Nightmare Mode Yes
End Boss Dread Master Brontes

The Dread Fortress ("DF") is an operation introduced with Patch 2.4.0 on October 1, 2013. It takes place on the planet Oricon and serves as the penultimate encounter with the Dread Masters. This operation has five bosses, ending with Dread Master Brontes, one of the hardest bosses in the game on Master Mode.

It is a level 55 operation in terms of difficulty. With patch 5.0.0, the level was increased to 70. It can be completed in Story Mode, Hard Mode and Master Mode (Previously Nightmare Mode aka "NiM").



  • Galactic Republic [55] The Dread Fortress
  • Galactic Republic [55W] The Dread Fortress
  • Sith Empire [55] The Dread Fortress
  • Sith Empire [55W] The Dread Fortress


The Dread Fortress takes place on the planet Oricon.




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Story mode bosses drop Black Market and Arkanian gear along with Elite Commendations. Hard mode bosses drop Verpine and Underworld gear along with Elite and Ultimate Commendations. Exotic Element Equalizers and Mass Manipulation Generator, Grade 10 exotic crafting materials, can also be acquired within this operation.


  • The Dread Fortress


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