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The Entity

"Darth Baras’s rise to power has been facilitated by his enslavement of a Sith spirit known only as the Entity. Baras dominated this centuries-dead Sith into using her powers of precognition and farseeing to aid his ascendancy onto the Dark Council while plotting the destruction of all enemies in his path. The Entity chafes at her enslavement, desperately seeking freedom from this ignoble fate. Centuries ago, she nearly brought the galaxy to its knees and all but eradicated the Jedi Order; to be used as a mere political tool by Darth Baras is an insult to these past deeds."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

The Entity is a powerful dark side spirit that has lived for many a millenia. She was once the lover of Tenebrae, the Sith Emperor, before her imprisonment by Darth Baras. She was later freed by Darth Vowrawn and the current Emperor's Wrath.

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