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The Exchange
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"One of the galaxy’s most prominent crime syndicates, the Exchange is the sleek, tech-savvy competitor to the Hutt Cartel. Where the Hutt Cartel has a clear, centralized authority in Hutt Space, the Exchange is a distributed network of gangs coordinated via the HoloNet; where the Hutt Cartel favors galactic neutrality, the Exchange sees the Empire as an untapped resource ready to bleed credits and the Republic as a living shield protecting its gangsters from Imperial retaliation. Three centuries ago, the Exchange was arguably the most influential criminal organization in the Republic. However, an internal power struggle to claim the territory of the infamous Davik Kang after his death left the Exchange in disarray, allowing the Hutt Cartel to seize control over many of its operations. It took many decades before the “new breed” of Exchange criminals arose, and the current syndicate is a different animal than the old. Active in slicing, extortion, spice dealing and weapons running, the Exchange is rapidly reclaiming lost territory, taking advantage of riots, gang wars and other acts of blatant violence to gain ground even on Hutt worlds like Nar Shaddaa. But the Empire is swiftly becoming a greater adversary than the Hutts–the Exchange wants to be the first crime syndicate to make solid inroads into Imperial space and is willing to kill whoever it takes to get there."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

The Exchange, also known as the Exchange syndicate, is a very powerful galaxy spanning crime organisation operating notably off of Nar Shaddaa. Years into the Cold War, it entered a galaxy spanning crime war against the Hutt Cartel.

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