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The False Emperor

The False Emperor

Galactic Republic and Sith Empire Flashpoint

Location Ilum
Story Mode 49+
Veteran Mode 50+
Master Mode 50+
Group Finder Yes


The False Emperor is an end-game Flashpoint available to both Empire and Republic players.


Located on Ilum, on the lower level of the base, near the Cantina.


Darth Malgus has declared himself the leader of a new inclusive Empire that will unite the galaxy by purging the old, weak Empire and eradicating the Republic. You successfully thwarted Malgus's invasion of Ilum and secured a stealth command ship from the invading fleet. Board the stealth command ship, and prepare to take the fight to Darth Malgus aboard his space station.


Ilum Under Siege[]

Complete Flashpoint: The False Emperor

[STORY/VETERAN/MASTER] Flashpoint: The False Emperor[]

Board Malgus's Space Station and Complete the Flashpoint

[FLASHPOINT] The False Emperor []

  • Board the Stealth Ship Prototype
  • Secure the Hangar Deck
  • Secure the Power Core
  • Talk to Arkis Wode
  • Secure the Throne Room

"The Hidden Threat" (Bonus)[]

  • Stage 1: Defeat Malgus's Forces: (30)
  • Stage 2: Defeat Malgus's Forces: (40)
  • Stage 3: Override the Command Consoles: (6)
  • Final Stage: Disable the Stasis Chamber

"The Architect's Tour" (Bonus)[]

  • Disable the Assembly Monitors: (4)
  • Disable the Weapons Consoles: (6)


Tregg the Destroyer[]

Tregg is the first boss, with two special abilities: Hunter's Leap and Whirlwind Slash. Hunter's leap allows Tregg to close distance with the Tank, and is always followed by Whirlwind Slash, which is a 3 second Area of Effect attack against anyone in Melee range. Tregg also uses knockback abilities often, so position the Tank against the walls on either side of the bridge.

Jindo Krey[]

Jindo Krey is a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, with abilities to match. He has the Electro Dart, Charging Electro Dart Barrage, and Grapple abilities that the Bounty Hunter class has, with the same effect. Jindo will raise an invulnerable shield for 10 seconds each time his health drops 25%. Krey's ship is the real issue, able to launch rocket barrages which will damage every player on the field. Move a player next to the middle turret, and activate it, to keep the ship from getting a targeting lock on the group.

Prototype A-14 & B-16[]

These large Prototype Droids come as a set, both with the special ability Simulation Mode. Simulation Mode allows one of the two Droids to put up an invulnerable shield, and give the other one a small buff. When one Droid has a blue aura, focus on damaging the other one.


HK-47 has four abilities to note: Burst, Snipe, Backhand, and Poison Grenade. On Higher difficulties, he spawns with two Autoturrets, as well. This fight breaks down into two phases:

====Phase 1====
While HK-47 is above 50% health, he will use a combination of Burst, Snipe, and Smuggler abilities to drain the health of the Tank quickly. Burst is an Area of Effect Cone attack :which can deal high damage at higher difficulties, so the Tank should be positioned away from the rest of the group. Snipe is a high damage, charged shot that will do heavy damage :to most Tanks, especially on Master Difficulty. HK-47 is immune to Interrupts, so the Healer needs to save powerful heals for after HK-47 uses Snipe.
====Phase 2====
Below 50% health, HK-47 switches to using Stealth, Backhand, and Poison Grenade to debilitate and defeat high damage characters. Backhand can stun a character for up to 5 seconds, :so they should save stun-breaking abilities for this effect. When HK-47 enters Stealth, he will select a character, re-appear next to that character, and either Backhand or use :Poison Grenade, in some cases both. Poison Grenade deals high Damage over Time to characters in the blast radius, so the Healer should be prepared to use powerful heals or cleaning :effects following the use of Poison Grenade.

Chondrus Berani[]

Miniboss. Be careful for extra mobs walking in, otherwise fight as normal.

Sith Entity (Bonus)[]

The Sith Entity will split into three weaker versions of itself each time it loses 25% of its health. Defeat the weaker versions, and the stronger version will return. Keep one of the weaker ones alive if you need to heal between rounds with the big one.

Darth Malgus[]

Darth Malgus is the final boss of the Flashpoint, and has two notable features: Doubt, and very strong knockback. Make sure to position your group on the stairs up to his throne, so that you will not be tossed off of the map. Doubt is a complex ability where Malgus targets one player, applies an 8-10 second unbreakable stun to that player, then force chokes the rest of the group while the player affected by Doubt must fight Malgus without the aid of their group. When near death (10% health), Malgus will begin channeling Force Lightning, will become invulnerable to damage, but will lose his immunity to knockback. Depending on difficulty, Multiple players must time Knockback effects together, to throw Malgus off of the bridge connecting his Throne to the rest of the ship.

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