The Foundry
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Level 33-37
Location Unknown
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The Foundry Guardian
Burrower Matriarch
N4-10 Exterminator
"Built into a massive asteroid in a long-forgotten star system, the Foundry is an engineering marvel. According to data obtained by Imperial Intelligence, the Foundry has at least twelve manufacturing levels capable of producing thousands of droids. Vast tunnels honeycombing the asteroid suggest automated mining droids were used to pick the interior clean of any useful ores. The Imperial Reclamation Service believes the Foundry now uses a network of tractor beams to capture and break apart nearby asteroids, providing raw materials for its endless mass production. The Foundry appears to be at least twenty to thirty thousand years old, built by a long-forgotten alien species. Its specifications resemble those of three other space stations discovered by the Empire, each possessing vast power–one, the “Star Forge,” constructed fleets of warships, while another was capable of xenoforming entire planets. The extent of the Foundry’s production capabilities are as yet unknown, but if history is any guide, the station could change the galaxy."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

The Foundry is a mid-game Flashpoint for the Empire.


Following an intense battle, a Republic cruiser carrying supplies to a hidden space station is now in Imperial hands. As the ship is readied for the assault, the Empire learns the location of the station, as well as its true value. Built deep inside an asteroid, the complex has the power to create a nearly endless army of Battle droids that answer solely to the station’s master. The Empire knows that control of this station can sway the war, and put together a plan to take it from the Republic.

But it won't be easy. The station is in the hands of a mad Jedi who wants to purge the galaxy of Sith, and the complex itself is surrounded by a Republic Fleet. To take the station, the Empire sends a small group of its most powerful champions to the asteroid surface to storm the base, fight their way through the army of droids and defeat the crazed Jedi once and for all.

The Foundry is available to Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 37.


The Foundry was an engineering marvel that was built into a massive asteroid situated in a long-forgotten star system. It consisted of at least twelve manufacturing levels according to data obtained by Imperial Intelligence that were each capable of producing thousands of droids. A series of vast tunnels honeycombed the asteroid which suggested that automated mining droids were used to excavate the interior of any useful ores. It was believed by the Imperial Reclamation Service that the facility used a network of tractor beams to capture and break down nearby asteroids to provide new raw material for its endless mass production.[1]

This facility was believed to be at least twenty to thirty thousand years old and was built by a long forgotten alien species. The specifications matched those of three other space stations that had been discovered by the Sith Empire with all of these possessing tremendous power. These stations included the Star Forge and another facility that was able to xenoforming entire worlds. The full extent of the production capabilities of the Foundry were unknown though it was believed it was able to change the entire galaxy.

Revan was aware of the existence of the Foundry and kept that knowledge hidden from Sith Emperor. After his freedom from the Maelstrom Prison, he travelled to the facility where he intended to unleash an army of extermination droids against the Sith Empire to eliminate the threat posed by the Emperor.


1. The Foundry Guardian

This is the first boss.

2. HK-47

This is the second boss.

3. Burrower Matriarch

This is the third boss.

4. N4-10 Exterminator

This is the fourth boss.

5. Revan

This is the final boss.

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