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Sith Empire "The General" Sith Empire

"The General"

Level 20 Melee NPC (Standard)

Faction Sith Empire
Species Human
Gender Male
Health 960
Instance The Black Talon
Status Alive (Light Side Choice)
Dead (Dark Side Choice)
Introduced Star Wars: The Old Republic

"The General" is a human male who is found in The Black Talon flashpoint.


"The General" was an Imperial officer who defected to the Republic in an effort to keep war from being restarted between the two galactic powers. His main concern was that the weapons of mass destruction both sides were creating would destroy the galaxy and end millions of innocent lives. While being escorted onboard a Republic warship, the Brentaal Star, an Imperial strike team was sent by Grand Moff Kilran to apprehend him and prevent him from providing the Republic with Imperial secrets.

Players have the option of either killing the General or taking him as prisoner back to Dromund Kaas.


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