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"Little is known of the mysterious alien species that designed and built the legendary warship now known solely by its ominous nickname, "the Gravestone." Records from the dark age of Wild Space history in which the vessel rose to prominence have been lost. Only fragments of centuries-old data remain, describing a vast armada that spread across the sectors to conquer every inhabited world--including Zakuul.

If not for the abrupt appearance of the Gravestone and its destructive Omnicannon, Zakuul might still be enslaved by the conquerors. Though no one knows their species, much less their names, the Gravestone's valiant crew-members fought a desperate battle that left the enemy fleet shattered. The few survivors fled into the darkness beyond the galactic rim, never to threaten Wild Space again.

No one knows what happened to the Gravestone's crew, or exactly how the warship wound up buried in the Endless Swamp of Zakuul. Like the war that spawned the legend, truth remains elusive. Perhaps it always will be....
―In-game Codex (Codex/Lore)[src]
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