The Path of a Jedi


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Master's Retreat, The Gnarls, Jedi Temple






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Master Syo Bakarn :

"This is the ancestral home of our order, where the Jedi first came to be. And where our most promising Padawans complete their training."

Master Syo Bakarn telling about Tython


You have arrived on Tython to train as a Jedi. You find yourself at the Masters' Retreat, and Syo Bakarn is there to greet your arrival. Speak to Master Syo Bakarn.

The Path of a Jedi

The Path of a Jedi is the first class mission for the Jedi Consular class.


1. Speak to Syo Barak (Automatic)

After you have created your character, the game will scroll the opening credits. Then it goes into a cutscene. In the cutscene there's a ship heading for Tython and a jedi starfighter takes off of the ship and lands into Tython in an area known as the Master's Retreat. At the Master's Retreat you'll see padawans using the force to lift rocks. After the Jedi Consular lands the Jedi enters a room where Syo Bakarn greets him. He explains how Tython was the ancestral birthplace of the Jedi Order. Then he recites the Jedi Code. As he was explaining what the Jedi Code means and how important it is to follow, the Jedi Consular's to-be Master, Master Yuon Par, enters the room. She discusses how ancient recordings, or holograms of former jedi are in danger of being damaged or stolen by the Flesh Raiders. She asks her padawan to recover these holograms.

2. Take the Taxi to the Gnarls

After Yuon has given you the mission take a taxi to the Gnarls.

3. Recover the Holograms

Once you have gotten to the Gnarls walk along the solid line path around the area, until you've recovered all the holograms. When you right-click the first three holograms a cutscene pops-up, displaying a holographic figure of a former jedi. When you right-click the last hologram there will be a cutscene, but instead of a jedi appearing, there will be text at the bottom of the screen that tells you the hologram has been taken.

4. Report to Yuon Par

Go to the Jedi Temple and once you enter the temple and see the two ramps in front of you, make a right and then another right into the first hallway you see. Then at the end of the hallway turn right and you'll see a green shaded doorway. Go inside and speak to Yuon.



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