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The Path of a Jedi

Level 1 mission
Jedi Consular Class Mission

Planet Tython
Area [[Masters' Retreat
The Gnarls
Jedi Temple]]
Start Syo Bakarn
End Yuon Par
Bonus Galactic Republic Icon class jediconsular [1] Clear the Path to the Jedi Temple

Mission Chain

Master Syo Bakarn

Galactic Republic Icon class jediconsular [1] The Path of a Jedi

Galactic Republic Icon class jediconsular [1] Clear the Path to the Jedi Temple

The Path of a Jedi is the first mission available to Jedi Consulars. It is obtained on the planet Tython, immediately after the player arrives on the planet following character creation. This mission is part of the Jedi Consular class story line, and takes players from the Masters' Retreat, to the Gnarls, and finally the Jedi Temple.


Tasks and mission description[]

"You have arrived on Tython to train as a Jedi. You find yourself at the Masters' Retreat, and Syo Bakarn is there to greet your arrival. Speak to Master Syo Bakarn."

"You have arrived on Tython, the ancient homeworld of the Jedi. Believing you have great potential, the Jedi Council has made you the padawan of a noted Master, Master Yuon Par. Unfortunately, you arrived during a crisis. The native Flesh raiders have begun raiding the Gnarls, where several ancient "teaching holograms" have been uncovered."

"Master Yuon Par has sent you to recover these priceless artifacts before they are destroyed."

"Speak to the speeder droid at the Masters' Retreat for transport to the Gnarls."

"You've arrived at the Gnarls. Find and retrieve the holograms."

"For your first mission as her Padawan, Master Yuon Par asked you to recover several ancient teaching holograms from the Gnarls."
"When you recovered the holograms, you discovered one of them had been stolen. Take the path that leads out of the valley and return to Master Yuon Par at the Jedi Temple."


Notable quotes[]

When the Jedi Order began, I saw we must be dedicated to peace. To calming our emotions, and ending war across the galaxy. If we fought, it should ony be in self-defense. That is the founding principle of civilization.
~ Master Garon

When the Jedi Order was founded, I, Cala Brin, said we should devote ourselves to justice. True justice cannot be driven by emotion. We Jedi can set our passions aside, and seek the truth without fear or favor.
~ Master Cala

I am Ters Sendon, keeper of the histories. A founder, and chronicler, of the Jedi Order. I saw us becoming guardians of knowledge and secrets. We Jedi would safeguard the wisdom of the galaxy.
~ Master Ters

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