This lore can be found on Voss.

X:-1785, Y:-895

Located in the Old Path’s Map at the Pilgrim’s Retreat.


Tales of the miraculous powers possessed by the Mystics at the Shrine of Healing have spread across the galaxy, and many offworlders have flocked to Voss in the hopes of being cured of their various ailments and afflictions. Before they can petition the healers, however, those seeking aid must embark on a dangerous and arduous pilgrimage to the shrine’s remote location. This journey is more than merely symbolic. Facing the trials of the pilgrimage purifies the spirit of the petitioner–an essential requirement, the Voss say, for those seeking aid. Voss healing rituals disperse an affliction across multiple individuals, diluting it until it no longer has any ill effects. If the ritual is performed on one who has not been purified, the Mystics believe there is a chance the malady will instead infect all involved in the ritual, making the necessity of the pilgrimage readily apparent.

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