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The Pit
The Pit

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 The Pit is a Hutt Cartel-owned battle arena housed on Nar Shaddaa. It is mainly used for a planet-wide spectical known as Huttball, a game of deadly ball throwing, gladitorial fighting and arena-wide carnage. 


The Pit has always been used for Huttball, so the arena has been given several upgrades and hazards to make the game more exciting to those who watch it. Audiences are allowed access to seating tiers high above the arena, separated from the floor by a transperisteel barrier raised high above the fighting, The actual floor layout of the arena consists of a central station in the middle, used for distributing the ball to contestants once the game begins. The outer floor is raised above a lower floor which provides access to several sniper points cover areas, and wide open spaces for melee brawls, which is where most of the game's combat takes place. All players need to be aware of the acid traps strewn all across the lower floor, causing periodic damage.

Raised above both floors is a durasteel balconey system that connects one end of the arena to the other. It is along this system that the ball-carrier needs to travel in order to take the ball to the opposite side to score. To make the game more interesting, the balconey has been equipped with heat vents that spit fire from underneath conestants cause them to lose their lives in the process. 

Spread around the whole of the arena are small devices known to the players as "powerups." Each one collected by a contestant gives a different temporary ability (the three currently known powerups are Healing, Increased Damage and Speed, although there may be more that the Hutt Cartel has not yet released).

Most Huttball games, while extremely short, are also extremely deadly, and most participants in a standard game do not make it out of the arena with their lives intact. After each contest, a cleanup crew is sent out to prepare for the next arena fight. Times between games can take up to thirty standard minutes as a result of cleaning.

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