The Plight of the Acolyte
Mission Data
Start Overseer Harkun
End Overseer Harkun
Level 1
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Korriban, Sith Academy
Experience 1020
Previous Next
Of Mind and Matter A Little Knowledge

The Plight of the Acolyte is the second story mission given to the Sith Inquisitor.


Speak to Inquisitor Zyn

Harkun orders the Player to speak to Inquisitor Zyn who can be found in the northern part of the Sith Academy in the jails. The player only needs to speak to him in order to complete this objective.

Interrogate Alif

Zyn informs the player that lately an accident happened in the academy which resulted in an 'unauthorised murder'. The Player is tasked to learn the identity of the killer from a prisoner called Alif. The Inquisitor can either gain the information by earning Alif's trust or by torturing him, doing the later results in gaining 50 Dark Side points each time the Player selects to torture.

Either way Alif reveals that the killer is another acolyte called Essor Kayin.

Speak to Inquisitor Zyn

Report your findings to Zyn to complete this objective.

Return to Overseer Harkun

At the end all that's left to do is report your success to Harkun.


  • The player gains 50 Dark Side points each time he tortures the prisoner during their dialogue. If the Player should choose not to torture him at all, does not get any DSP. One may chose to convince the inquisitor to save Alif from the murderer's revenge and get 50 Light Side Points.
  • If you chose to save Alif you later get an email from him with thanks and some credits. Otherwise you get an email from the victim's former master, a Lord Necus, also with some credits.
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