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The Ravagers
The Ravagers

Level 60-80 Operation

Location Rishi
Hard Mode Yes
Nightmare Mode No
End Boss Coratanni

The Ravagers (Sometimes "Rav") is the first operation of the Shadow of Revan expansion however, this operation has no implication within the main storyline of SWTOR. It was released with Patch 3.0.0 on December 2nd, 2014. This operation, as well as Dxun, is seen as a much more comical and goofy story making it some players favorite. This operation has five bosses, ending with Coratanni.

It is the first level 60 operation in terms of difficulty, with the second being Temple of Sacrifice. With patch 7.0.0, the level was increased to 80. It can be completed in Story Mode and Veteran Mode. This Operation does not have, nor plans to have, a Master mode available.



  • Galactic Republic [70] The Ravagers
  • Galactic Republic [70W] The Ravagers
  • Sith Empire [70] The Ravagers
  • Sith Empire [70W] The Ravagers


The Ravagers takes place on the planet Rishi.



  • Sparky <Junkyard Alpha>
  • Quartermaster Bulo <Requisitions and Morale Officer>
  • Torque <Chief Engineer>
  • Blaster <Jury-Rigged Juggernaut>
  • Coratanni <The Pirate Queen>


Main article: The Ravagers loot

The Ravagers has a plethora of decorations that drop at all difficulties.

Story Mode:[]

Gear: All Tionese gear

Mounts: Concordian Scout Craft

Pets: N/A

Cosmetics: N/A

Titles: N/A

Veteran Mode:[]

Gear: All Columni gear / Rakata Earpieces, Implants & Relics

Mounts: Concordian Scout Craft

Pets: N/A

Cosmetics: N/A

Titles: N/A


  • The Ravagers


  • Patch 3.0.0 (2 Dec 2014): Added.

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