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The Red Reaper

The Red Reaper

Galactic Republic and Sith Empire Flashpoint

Location Space transport

The Red Reaper is a mid-game Flashpoint available to both Empire and Republic players.


"Your dropship has arrived at Chandrila just in time. Darth Ikoral's forces have begun an assault on the Chandrila Orbital Station through one of the primary docking bays. Cut through the attacking Sith and board the Red Reaper through the air lock."


  • Lord Kherus
    • Strategy: First off, Lord Kherus can not be "jumped" too. During the fight he will leap back to 6 hostages he has captured and drain one, this gives him a buff. Have your lowest DPS stand near the hostages and interrupt the draining process. This denies him the buff and he is easy to tank/spank by the rest of the group. As he can not be "jumped" to there is no other way to close the distance to interrupt the drain.
      NOTE: He will move from one end of the room to the other and throw objects at the closest target while you close the distance, denying him the buff seems to make this happen much less frequently.
  • SV-3 Eradicator
    • Strategy: This fight is tricky due to the 6 colored pylons near the robot. They will shift to 1 color just before SV-3 attempts to do a charged up blast of that color. Easiest method to deal with this is to keep 3 of each color by watching his buffs. Have your two DPS (those not the Tank) and Healer stand close to a single pylon and when they all go the same color those 3 each click one pylon restoring 3/3 balance and the blast does nominal damage. On occasion he will do a 2/4 or 5/1 type of switch, we setup an order so healer knew to only click on 6, second DPS clicked on 5, and primary DPS clicked on 4 to help accidental switching.
      NOTE: when he drops an elite and several non-elite bridge personnel will spawn before the fight is considered done.
  • Darth Ikoral
    • Strategy: Three stages: 1-standard DPS 2-lightning attack 3-double damage attack. How to handle 2 and 3. STAGE 2, he spawns two apprentices to the left and right of his initial starting point. You must get that mob between you and the lightning and then interrupt the channeled ability they cast. This will allow the lightning to kill them. Once both are down, he goes back after the tank. STAGE 3: He will begin channeling "Ancient Wisdom" where little red glowing flames appear around the room -these are a player buff- grab at least one, tank should try and get 2 or more (max of 4 possible). He won't move for a short while so you have time to get some. We had DPS grab from right and tank/healer grab left. this buff reduces his damage by 50% for each stack, so you can get 200% reduction while he has 100% increase (makes him hit like a little girl really).
      NOTE: Stage 2 and 3 repeat at least once each.