This lore can be found on Corellia.

Republic: X:597, Y:947

There is a sign next to the bindspot.

Empire: X:-1670, Y:2171


Coronet City’s rapid public transit system is a symbol of Corellia’s economic and industrial power, as well as its commitment to a relatively clean urban environment. Providing cheap and fast transport to all corners of the city, the rocket tram is easily one of Corellia’s most popular services. Corporations viciously compete for contracts to add their own technology and resources to the system, as well as for advertising space inside the trams. The sprawling network of city-wide tram rails has long since become too complex for the Corellians to control, and so direction of the system has been handed over to specially designed droids. Some wonder if such a high level of automation is truly safe, but the only recourse would be reducing the functionality of the entire system.

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