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The Seeds of Rage are a group of wicked devices built by the Sith Empire.


In order to receive this codex you need to unearth a Seed of Rage on any planet with your Seeker Droid while you are on a Seeker Droid Mission.


"The Sith Order is constantly seeking ways to fuse dark side power with technology, creating new and terrifying weapons for inflicting terror and despair on the Empire’s enemies. One of the greatest practitioners of Sith alchemy, Lord Fulminiss, devoted his life to developing insidious new devices for corrupting other life forms. The subterranean machines code-named “Seeds of Rage” were Fulminiss’s crowning achievement. The Seeds use a combination of low-frequency transmissions and pure dark side power to subtly manipulate the thoughts and emotions of any living creature nearby. Over time, victims of these devices are driven homicidally insane and contaminated by dark side energy. The Seeds can affect intelligent species and beasts with equal success, and rumors persist that these horrific devices can even overwrite the programming logic of droids."
―In-game codex[src]
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