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The Sky Burns
The Sky Burns

Level 48 mission
Imperial Agent Class Mission

Planet Corellia
Area Labor Valley
End Keeper
Bonus Landing Party (bonus)
Previous Eve of Destruction
Next The Apocalypse Party

The Sky Burns is a level 48 class mission available to Imperial Agents. It is obtained on Corellia by interacting with the holoterminal in Lord Razer's War Room.


The machinations of the Star Cabal conspiracy have resulted in the dissolution of Imperial Intelligence and your transfer into the Imperial military. While serving on the Corellian front lines, you must secretly work with Keeper to uncover and thwart the conspirators' plans.

The conspirators have been altering official military reports, and Keeper needs unaltered data to determine what the Star Cabal intends. Moff Zamar has compiled the report you need; plant guidance beacons around Labor Valley to force his skyhopper to land and ensure a private audience.


  • Install Beacon Alpha
  • Install Beacon Beta
  • Install Beacon Gamma
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Find Moff Zamar's Location
  • Listen to the Republic Troopers
  • Defeat the Special Forces Commander
  • Defeat the Special Forces Troopers
  • Find Moff Zamar
  • Speak with Moff Zamar's Guard
  • Defeat the Republic Reinforcements: 0/9
  • Clear the Moff's Exit Point
  • Speak with Moff Zamar's Guard
  • Leave the Crash Site
  • Recover the Report from Moff Zamar
  • Defeat the Imperial Guard
  • Leave the Crash Site
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Rendezvous at the Imperial Garrison
  • Find Lord Razer
  • Defeat the Jedi
  • Speak with Major Nedecca
  • Leave Razer's Office and Speak with Keeper
  • Use Your Personal Holocom



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