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The Spy

Level 5 mission
Trooper Class Mission

Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Area [[Talloran Village]]
Start [[Commander Tavus]]
End [[Fuse]]
Bonus Galactic Republic Icon class trooper [4] Clean Up Talloran

Mission Chain

Character Creation
Icon class trooper  [2] Hit the Ground Running
Icon class trooper [2] Taking Back Drelliad Village

Commander Tavus

Icon class trooper  [5] The Spy

The Spy is a level 5 mission available to Troopers. This mission is part of the Trooper class story line and takes players from Fort Garnik to Talloran Village.


As the newest member of the Republic's elite Havoc Squad, you're joining in their hunt for a ZR-57 orbital strike bomb stolen by separatist forces on the war-torn world of Ord Mantell."

"Commander Tavus, the leader of Havoc Squad, has issued your first orders: Meet with a Republic spy named Bellis and find out what he's learned from his separatist sources about the bomb's whereabouts. Make your way to Talloran village and rendezvous with Bellis.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Spy mission description


  • Find Bellis
  • Bonus mission: Galactic Republic Icon class trooper [4] Clean Up Talloran


  • Credit 85
  • 1,255 XP
  • Codex entry: Republic Special Forces
  • Provided Reward:

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