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The Spy Game

Level 15 mission
Bounty Hunter Class Mission

Planet [[Dromund Kaas]]
Area [[Mandalorian Enclave]]
Start [[Crysta Markon]]
End [[Crysta Markon]]
Previous Sith Empire Icon class bountyhunter [14] Family Cleansing
Next Sith Empire Icon class bountyhunter [16] The Melee

The Spy Game is a level 15 Bounty Hunter class mission. It is obtained on Dromund Kaas by speaking with the Crysta Markon at the Mandalorian Enclave.


Your final bounty for entry into the Great Hunt is a job for Imperial Intelligence Central Command in the Citadel.

Speak to Captain Medle in Commander Gargun's office in Imperial Intelligence Headquarters.''

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Spy Game mission description


  • Choice: Persuade Gargun
  • Light Side Icon +50 "Sure." or "I'd be honored."
  • Choice: Kill Gargun
  • Dark Side Icon +50 "Time to die. [Attack]" or "Whatever you say. [Attack]" or "Orders say you die. [Attack]"
  • Defeat Commander Gargun's Slaves
  • Recover Commander Gargun's Insignia
  • Return to Captain Medle
  • Defeat Captain Medle
  • Defeat Captain Medle's Guards
  • Talk to Captain Medle
  • Choice: Accept Bribe
  • Choice: Kill Captain Medle
  • Dark Side Icon +50 "Yes, it is. [Kill him]"
  • Return to Crysta Markon


  • Credit 552
  • 4430 XP
  • Provided Rewards:

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