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The Three Families
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The Three Families was a group of Hutts that were based on Quesh. The families were: Masrii, Urdosh, and Kaltemmic. They were led by Broga Masrii, Portho Kaltemmic, and Jeelta Urdosh. At some point, Kabbura joined the families.

Portho allied himself and the Kaltemmic family with the Sith Empire during the Quesh War, resulting in Broga and Jeelta to ally with the Galactic Republic and the Hutt Cartel. Ultimately, Portho and Jeelta were killed, leaving Broga to lead the Three Families.

Codex Description

When the Republic began mining Quesh venom, its scientists soon realized that, while they could refine the venom into a non-toxic compound, converting it into usable adrenals was much more problematic. After many expensive failures, the Republic appealed to the Hutt Cartel for expert help and was refused. But three Hutt families, salivating at the potential profits–led by the Hutts Broga, Jeelta and Portho–broke from the cartel and offered their services. Although this was technically a breach of the Hutt Cartel’s carefully established neutral position in the galaxy, generous kickbacks to the cartel kept its members looking the other way. Today, the Three Families run Quesh’s refineries and processing plants while the Republic controls the mines. This arrangement allows the Three Families to carefully guard the secret of adrenal creation, and it has made them incredibly wealthy. However, the Families’ split from the Hutt Cartel also means the Empire can target them without fear of reprisal.

Codex Location

This lore can be found on Quesh.



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