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Production information
Taerab Starship
Technical specifications
800 meters
Turbolaser batteries
"This is Darth Marr of the Dark Council. We have rediscovered the long lost prototype ship Voidstar. Its technology must be recaptured for the Empire!"
―Darth Marr[src]

The Voidstar was a prototype version of a Harrower-class dreadnought in service to the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. It was missing after the war's end and is now subject to constant fighting from both the Empire and the Galactic Republic.


The Voidstar was equipped with an experimental datacore that would allow it to charge up its weapons faster than standard dreadnoughts. Unfortunately for the Empire, the ship went missing during a conflict in the Great Galactic War. It was located by both the Republic and Empire during the Cold War, but upon initial rediscovery, it was just another battle cruiser. While the Republic strike team lead by Grand Master Satele Shan attempted to board the ship, and reach the core and download it's schematic so they could learn it's secrets, the Imperial strike team commanded by Darth Marr boarded the Voidstar with the intent to capture the vessel intact. The circumstances of its disappearance, the death of its crew and passengers, and it's fate is still unknown.


Shuttles from both armies deposit their strike teams in the Voidstar's main shuttle bay, and have to breach a pair of blast doors in order to get further inside. The blast doors are unable to be penetrated by lightsaber or heavy blaster, so explosives must be placed on the door in order to get through. The blast doors protect the main fusion core of the ship, where chemicals and harmful environments are present the most. In order to cross the core, controls near the edge of the fusion chasm extend light bridges to the opposite side, allowing crew or strike forces to cross the core without the threat of being killed by the core's environment. However, falling off the bridge has resulted in deaths before. Another set of blast doors lies at the far end of the chamber, and must be penetrated in the same way.

Through these doors, the main datacore security comes into full force with a mass of ray shields guarding yet another set of blast doors. The ray shields have a release terminal close by, which takes some time to access before the shields are dropped. The blast doors at the far end are the ones that guard the ship's datacore, which, when accessed, relays data and information from itself to a datachip. Once the datachip has been retrieved, the ship will soon begin to deteriorate.



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