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Three Families Palace

The Three Families Palace is a building located on the planet Quesh. It Can be reached from the Three Families Palace Grounds. The palace has three levels.


Mission start[]

  • Sith Empire [37] The Three Families
  • Sith Empire [37] Quesh Showdown

Mission objective[]

  • Sith Empire [37] Stage 1 - A Family Concern (Bonus)

Mission end[]

  • Sith Empire [37] The Three Families: Charge the Front
  • Sith Empire [37] The Three Families: Knocked Out Cold


  • Portho the Hutt


  • Families Assassin
  • Families Eraser
  • Families Gadgeteer
  • Families Tech Specialist
  • Families Turret
  • Republic Battle Droid
  • Republic Security Enforcer
  • Republic Security Guard
  • Republic Turret Droid
  • Security Droid
  • Security Guard