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Toborro's Courtyard

Level 55 mission
Weekly Mission

Planet [[Makeb]]
Area [[Toborro's Palace Courtyard]]
Start Operations Terminal
End Operations Dropbox
This article is for the Imperial mission. For the Republic mission, see Toborro's Courtyard (Republic).

Toborro's Courtyard is a level 55 weekly operation mission on the planet Makeb. It is obtained from an operation mission terminal.


Repeatable - This mission can be repeated in the future.

A large cache of Isotope-5 is being held by renegade mercenaries in the courtyard of Toborro the Hutt's palace. The cache is guarded by a massive Isotope-5 droid designated "Golden Fury."

[Operation: Toborro's Courtyard]
Defeat Golden Fury (Any Difficulty Mode).

[Recommended Gear]
Story Mode: Item Rating 148
Hard Mode: Item Rating 168

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Toborro's Courtyard mission description


  • Complete Operation: Toborro's Courtyard
  • Return to the Operations Dropbox


  • Credit.png 10,476
  • Provided Rewards:

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