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"An infantile display, Tol Braga. Reckless pride limned by self-righteousness. You are master of nothing."
― The Sith Emperor[src]

Tol Braga was a male Kel Dor Jedi Master of the Jedi Order. He was a member of the Jedi Council until the Sith Emperor controlled him and turned him to the Dark side. During the Cold War Tol Braga led a strike team to the Sith Emperor's fortress in hopes of capturing the Sith Emperor. The plan failed and the strike team was captured and brainwashed by the Sith Emperor. As a pawn of the Sith Emperor, Tol Braga led the invasion on Corellia but was defeated by the Jedi Knight. Players can decide whether to kill him or not. If the Knight spares his lives, he returns to the Jedi Order on Tython hoping to redeem his fate.



Tol Braga was a firm believer in the peace process. Respectfully referred to as "the conscience of the Jedi Order," Master Tol Braga was a thoughtful scholar, a wise strategist and an avowed pacifist. His greatest achievement as a Jedi to date was when he dueled the Sith Lord Darth Sajar, a member of the Dark Council to a draw – and then convinced his enemy to abandon the path of darkness and train as a Jedi. He then took Sajar as his padawan. Although most Padawans assumed Master Braga developed his opposition to warfare during the Great Galactic War, it began much earlier. His first mission as a young Jedi was to intervene in a violent civil conflict on the planet Duro. Braga saw firsthand the horrors that occur when people take up arms against their own kind, and it forever changed his outlook.

Mission to capture the Sith Emperor

"At last, the Sith Emperor is within our reach."
―Tol Braga[src]
During the Cold War he allowed pride to blind him to the Sith’s true nature. Braga, accompanied by the Jedi Knight player and fellow Jedi Masters Warren Sedoru and Leeha Narezz, undertook a mission to capture the Sith Emperor and redeem him to the Light Side of the Force — a mission which was insane at best. Braga, Narezz, Sedoru and the Knight were subsequently defeated and then brainwashed by the Sith Emperor, becoming the Emperor's pawns.

Pawn of the Emperor

"I tire of this horrible existence. My life has been a failure. End it."
―Tol Braga[src]
Tol Braga Sith

Master Tol Braga as a Sith Warrior, working for the Sith Emperor on Corellia.

Braga now willingly served the Sith Emperor, as his confrontation with that foe showed him the nature of true evil and revealed a powerful force he had grossly underestimated. Realizing that his pride had blinded him to the Emperor's power, Braga knowingly surrendered to the dark side as he believed it was the punishment he deserved. Master Braga’s failure to redeem the Emperor broke his spirit, and with his pride and faith shattered he succumbed to nihilistic despair. Yet, he was defeated on Corellia by the same Knight who had accompanied him. Tol Braga told the Knight the location of the Emperor. The Jedi Knight player can decide whether he lives or die. If the Jedi Knight decide that he lives, he returns to the Jedi Order on Tython, hoping to redeem himself.

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