Torian Cadera
Torian Cedera
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Johnny Yong Bosch
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All (Melee)
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Military Gear
Cultural Artifact
Underworld Goods
*Only after a point in a companion story with a female Bounty Hunter.
Challenges, Honor, Mandalorians, Respect
Selling out, Cowardice
"It is the Mandalorian ideal that a warrior be judged by his or her own actions, not by those of his or her ancestors–but reality rarely lives up to ideals. Torian Cadera has spent his entire short life trying to overcome the stigma of being a traitor’s son–a shame he has seldom been allowed to forget in the company of his peers. But Torian long ago learned to armor himself against contempt, and others’ doubts regarding his loyalty have only driven him to strive harder to prove his worth. Because of this, Torian adheres to the codes and traditions of the Mandalorians with more devotion than many twice his age. Upholding honor and enduring adversity are the cornerstones of his existence."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Torian Cadera is a Human Mandalorian male companion for the Bounty Hunter. He joins the player at the end of the Taris series and is the third companion the BH acquires.

A female Bounty Hunter may have a romantic storyline with him.


Torian Cadera has devoted his life to following Mandalorian traditions, honoring the codes of honor and discipline with an unwavering dedication. His devotion is born from far more than a simple desire to gain acceptance among his people, however; he works tirelessly to erase a stain left on his honor and overcome a stigma that has left him an outcast in the eyes of his own clansmen.

As a child, Torian’s father was the leader of a respected Mandalorian clan. When the title of Mandalore was passed to the warrior Artus, the clans were called on to unite and fight alongside the Sith Empire. When Torian’s father refused, a schism was formed which divided the clan. Many rallied to Cadera’s cause, seeing servitude to the Empire as the mirror opposite of what their honor demanded of them, while others swore allegiance to their Mandalore.

Mandalore was ultimately victorious over the elder Cadera and his rebels. Now Torian, the son, travels the galaxy in search of his father so that he may finally rid himself of the stain on his honor, and be accepted fully into Mandalorian society once more.

Knights of the Fallen Empire

"Loyalty, honor, tradition: Torian Cadera embodies the Mandalorian ideals. He serves his leaders with a fierce allegiance, yet the shadow of his father's defection to the Republic has hung over him for most of his life. As a result, Torian's relationship with his fellow Mandalorians is complicated, and he's had to prove himself time and again to overcome the Cadera stigma. But those who could look past his family found a noble warrior who eventually joined forces with the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt.

When the Grand Champion went missing after the rise of Zakuul, Torian returned to the Mandalorians and volunteered for the most dangerous strikes against the Eternal Fleet, leading successful infiltration and surveillance missions. His skill and dedication let him rise in the ranks and gain the trust of Mandalore the Avenger herself, earning him a place by her side.
―Last of Clan Cadera[src]

Torian Cadera, the new Clan Chief of Cadera

When the Grand Champion disappeared after the invasion of Eternal Empire on known Galaxy. The Champion's crew attempted find their boss but they soon become broke and goals shifted, everyone soon went their own ways. Torian Cadera and Mako stuck together the longest, though when Mandalore called the clans together, Torian had to leave Mako on Carratos, knowing she can take care of herself.

Torian Cadera volunteered for the most dangerous strikes and infultration missions against the Eternal Fleet, leading very successful missions. Because of this, he would become one of Shae Vizla's most trusted advisers and their top scout. With so few of Clan Cadera left in the galaxy, Torian took leadership over his clan. Though he would butt heads with Khomo Fett as the two share different views.


You can find the Companion Customization Kits for Torian on Belsavis.


  • Stances: Perforation (armor penetration) and Exsanguination (additional damage chance)


  • Torian Cadera is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, known for the English dub of Trigun as Vash the Stampede, Bleach as Ichigo Kurosaki, Eureka SeveN as Renton Thurston, Code Geass as Lelouch, Tales of Symphonia 2 as Emil (and Ratatosk), and Adam Park of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

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