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Sith Empire Toth Sith Empire


Level 50 Security Key Vendor NPC

Allegiance Sith Empire
Species Human
Gender Female
Health 4275
Planet Imperial Fleet
Region Vaiken Spacedock
This article is for the Imperial Security Key Vendor. For the Explosive Conflict boss, see Zorn and Toth.

Toth is a Human merchant located in the center ring on Vaiken Spacedock in the Imperial Fleet.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Toth offers a selection of companion customizations and various other items for purchase.

Vendor Store
533783.png Exchange Bandit Credit.png 1,500,000

528831.png Fleet Pass Credit.png 1,000

534723.png Imperial Dancer's Bottom Credit.png 5,950

535581.png Imperial Dancer's Gloves Credit.png 4,900

535674.png Imperial Dancer's Hat Credit.png 5,950

536501.png Imperial Dancer's Shoes Credit.png 4,900

531184.png Imperial Dancer's Top Credit.png 5,950

527235.png Kaliyo Djannis Customization 8 Credit.png 12,500

527253.png Khem Val Customization 14 Credit.png 12,500

527436.png Khem Val Customization 4 Credit.png 12,500

527468.png Khem Val Customization 9 Credit.png 12,500

527526.png Mako Customization 8 Credit.png 12,500

Pet.droid.mousedroid.02.png Mouse Droid Credit.png 25,000

36px Meirm Gray Fox Credit.png 500,000

Template:Vendorbox/Title: Unassailable

533034.png Rhythm Augmentation Droid Credit.png 55,000

527542.png Vette Customization 2 Credit.png 12,500

Template:Vendorbox/Wall Safe Template:Vendorbox/White and Deep Red Dye Module

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