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Tower Defense

Level 31 mission

Planet [[Alderaan]]
Area [[The Glarus Valley]]
Start [[Captain Cahill]]
End [[Captain Barra]]
Bonus Galactic Republic [31] Stage 1 - Thwarting House Thul
Galactic Republic [31] Stage 2 - Thwarting House Thul
Galactic Republic [31] Final Stage - Thwarting House Thul

Tower Defense is a Galactic Republic level 31 mission.


Captain Cahill spotted Thul agents taking heavy equipment to an Organa weather tower. He isn't sure what they're up to, but Organa will need your help to stop them.

Speak with Captain Barra at Wardpost Hurne in the Glarus Valley to find out more details.''

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tower Defense mission description


  • Report to Captain Barra
  • Destroy the Thul Intel Mainframe
  • Destroy the Thul Intel Backup Server
  • Sabotage the Weather Tower Reactor


  • Credit.png 1435
  • 9130 XP
  • Select One Reward: