"Before the planet’s destruction, billions of citizens visited Taris’s transport stations daily to quickly travel across the massive city world. Speeders ran on schedule and trams hauled freight and passengers safely to their destinations. As Taris’s alien population took to the Lower City, Transport Station Five was built to serve their expanding needs. When the planet was bombarded in the Jedi Civil War, transport stations on the upper levels of Taris were incinerated and turned to rubble. Now only the ruins of Transport Station Five remain intact, a ghostly reminder of a planet once teeming with life."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

Transport Station Five is an unlockable Locations entry in the Codex for Taris.

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Before the destruction of Taris, Transport Station Five served the daily transportation needs of the population of Taris going about their daily lives. It primarily served the Lower City of Taris and its growing population of Aliens. Speeder served the people, while trams delivered freight. With the bombardment of Taris, other transport stations in upper levels were completely destroyed, but remnants of Transport Station Five on the Lower City level remain.


Located nearby, outside the station ruins, is an Imperial Medical Services station.

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Imperial Intelligence Outpost

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