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Treasure Hunting (Crew Skills)

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"Treasure Hunting is the ability to track down and recover valuable items by following a series of clues. Companions sent on Treasure Hunting missions can return with rare gemstones used to construct prototype and artifact enhancements, hilts, color crystals, focii and generators. Other possible rewards include lockboxes that can contain valuable items or credits and gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating.

Recommended Crafting Skills: Artifice.
―In-game Codex (Crew Skills)[src]

Treasure Hunting is one of the four Mission Skills. It involves the art of tracking down and recovering valuable items through the investigation of various clues.

It has been suggested that Treasure Hunting will be one of the few ways players can obtain rare crafting recipes or a relic.


Below are the missions grouped by the class level at which they are available.

Level 10 to 16

Name Yield Type of Yield Time Cost Description Difficulty
Dig It Class 1 Lockboxes Moderate 3m 00s Credits 95 An excavation is underway on the Outer Rim planet Malachor Five. A companion should join it and see what's uncovered. 1-30-60-80
One Man's Treasure Class 1 Lockboxes Bountiful 4m 00s Credits 230 An eccentric wildlife collector is offering a centuries-old ornamental trinket in exchange for gelagrub larva. Send a companion to Felucia to acquire some and collect the reward. 35-65-95-115
Preying on the Meek Grade 1 Gemstones Rich 8m 00s Credits 355 An unscrupulous con man has bilked dozens of elderly Dantooine citizens of their personal heirlooms. A companion should track him down and return the belongings. 55-90-120-140
Sealed in Stupidity Grade 1 Gemstones Abundant 6m 00s Credits 145 You received a holotransmission from a Rodian thief who broke into a high-security casino vault on Talravin, then accidentally locked himself inside. He'll share the wealth if rescued. 15-50-80-100
Stalker Needed Rank 1 Companion Gifts Moderate 3m 00s Credits 95 An Alderaanian noble is following clues that supposedly lead to an ancient treasure trove. Send a companion to shadow the noble's team then beat them to the score. 1-30-60-80
Time to Get Wet Grade 1 Gemstones Moderate 6m 00s Credits 115 Sunken ruins have been discovered on Manaan. A companion might want to dive for buried treasure. 1-35-65-85
Uncharted Means Unclaimed Class 1 Lockboxes Moderate 3m 00s Credits 95 Sensors have discovered new and unexplored ancient ruins on the moon Dxun. To beat other treasure seekers to it, send a companion to claim its fortune. 1-30-60-80

Level 17 to 24

Name Yield Type of Yield Time Cost Description Difficulty
Shuffle up and Deal Class 2 Lockboxes Moderate 4m 00s Credits 220 A massive pazaak tournament is being held on Zeltros, boosting a rare and valuable prize pool. One of your companions can enter the tournament. 65-95-125-145
Map or Trap Grade 2 Gemstones Moderate 8m 00s Credits 265 A complicated map outlining a path to a supposed cache of buried wealth was mistakenly transmitted to you. A companion could follow the clues to see if it's real. 65-95-125-145
Asteroid Vault Rank 2 Companion Gifts Moderate 4m 00s Credits 230 Sensors register something man-made and metallic just beneath the surface of an asteroid traveling from the far reaches of the galaxy. A companion should investigate.

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