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Random combat chatter:

  • "This fight will not last long!"
  • "I take trophies later. More fighting!"
  • "I claim any spoils you do not, Chief."
  • "I will crush you with my talents endless!"
  • "I will keep your bits as trophies!"
  • "My legend grows!"
  • "You face the Empire's secret weapon!"
  • "You are not worth my chief's time!"
  • "Feel a warrior's fury!"
  • "I will conquer all!"
  • "You are big and stupid!"
  • "I have injuries many to give you!"
  • "No victory for you--only pain!"
  • "Victory!"
  • "Now I conquer foes many!"
  • "Too easy--I need greater challenges!"
  • "We go to battle!"
  • "You are weaker than a munyip!"
  • "We conquer again, Chief."
  • "You are not so tough!."
  • "You cannot defeat a legend!"
  • "Another stupid foe gone! Bring more!"
  • "I have talents many to defeat you!"
  • "My fate is your destruction!"
  • "I was born for battle!"
  • "Look what I have done for you, Chief!"
  • "This day I am unstoppable!"
  • "The deed is done! This foe is vanquished!"
  • "I defeat enemies endless! Add another!"
  • "You are not even worth adding to my legend."
  • "We have a new tale for our legends, Chief."
  • "You underestimate me!"
  • "Defeat comes for you!"
  • "Take that! And that!"
  • "You call yourself a foe? I laugh at you flailing!"
  • "Fate was not kind to this foe!"

When summoned:

  • "A new tale begins."
  • "I'm ready to fight for you!"
  • "You have foes? I will kill them all"
  • "Point me at the problem, Chief. I will solve it."
  • "Glory and stars endless await, Chief. We go!"

When dismissed:

  • "Don't start any battle without me Chief!."
  • "Call when you need me. I will come."
  • "Good luck Chief."
  • "I will make new songs until you need me."
  • "I will dream of new stars to conquer."
  • "I will prepare for our next battle."
  • "Do not journey far without me, Chief!"

When accepting a gift:

  • "A bonus payment for my services You are kind, Chief."
  • This gift is legendary. You are good to me, Chief."
  • "I claim any spoils you do not, Chief."
  • "Oh Where did you find such things? Thank you, Chief. I will never lose this!"

When you click on her and she is not ready to talk (Sith Empire version):

  • "If this war takes me to the stars endless, it is always worth fighting."
  • "Your foes are endless, but so is my thirst for great battles."
  • "You lead Chief. I go where you say."
  • "The Empire will conquer to glory. I am happy to join it."
  • "To hunt, to conquer, to yield never...this why I live."
  • "There is no greater happiness than knowing I have fought well and conquered all."
  • "Foes many underestimate me. I make them regret their mistake."
  • "Today I woke hungry for challenges. Lead me to them."
  • "Every journey with you leads to great rewards many."
  • "We will show your foes what a legend is, Chief."
  • "There is no better chief than you anywhere."
  • "Where you leave fear remains. That is a good policy. The survivors will remember."
  • "It is always an honor to follow you into battle."
  • "My tribe would not understand tales, Chief. They are too legendary."
  • "I have come far since my homeworld. I will go even further."

When you click on her and she is not ready to talk (Galactic Republic version):

  • "I make songs of your journeys. One day we will sing them."
  • "We will crush many foes today."
  • "I Journey with my chief. Today is a good day."
  • "someday, they will sing our legends in loud voices endless."
  • "Show me your foes, Chief. I will crush them all."
  • "I wake each day and ask, "What will I conquer?""
  • "People watch you when you pass them, Chief -- and I watch back."
  • "When this war ends none will sing the Empire's legends."
  • "My homeworld offers no challenges greater than the ones we conquer."
  • "I do not ask for much in life -- only challenges to conquer."
  • "Your foes do not know how much trouble we have for them!"
  • '"We go and become legends."
  • "The Republic has foes endless. I will never become restless."
  • "raveling light is a good policy. We do not slow down."
  • "We will crush foes many today."
  • "Fighting droids does not make a good legend, but it is better than nothing."
  • "You are a good chief, you lead me to greatness."

When she wants to talk on your ship (Sith Empire version):

  • "We will talk on the starship when you are ready, Chief."

When she wants to talk on your ship (Galactic Republic version):

  • "I hope we visit your starship and speak soon, Chief."

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