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Sith Empire Trikat'k
<Gree Equipment Vendor>
Sith Empire


Elite Level 50 Creature NPC (Elite)

Allegiance [[Sith Empire]]
Species [[Gree]]
Health 32435
Planet [[Ilum]]
Region [[Western Ice Shelf]]

[[Category:Sith Empire NPCs]][[Category:Ilum NPCs]][[Category:Gree NPCs]]

Trikat'k is a Gree reputation vendor located in Imperial Firebase 3‎ on the Western Ice Shelf on the planet Ilum. This vendor is only available during the Relics of the Gree event.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Trikat'k offers a selection of bind to Legacy adaptive armor for purchase.

Vendor Store
ACF9E0CB 29BF96FC2955F562.png Blue Scalene Boots Credit.png 12,850

AFC345E2 2C698050E1B7224E.png Blue Scalene Bracers Credit.png 9,450

A45C4F73 7B5F238850524481.png Blue Scalene Chestguard Credit.png 15,550

DC0A50F7 2E60D4EA5C305CDE.png Blue Scalene Gauntlets Credit.png 12,850

35159269 35691863C91C8728.png Blue Scalene Greaves Credit.png 15,550

2D74186A 2CD2921DDBEB1124.png Blue Scalene Headgear Credit.png 15,550

82F73242 BFDF7D9C5AEE7E3A.png Blue Scalene Utility Belt Credit.png 9,450

C39510A6 7320087CD1646202.png Red Scalene Boots Credit.png 12,850

8E18D28C 1D5ACD220F8A0BC6.png Red Scalene Bracers Credit.png 9,450

7031AAAD 67748E9B843E0F25.png Red Scalene Chestguard Credit.png 15,550

D00C0309 C615639200FEBFA5.png Red Scalene Gauntlets Credit.png 12,850

2A626CE8 B1B2042176E60D44.png Red Scalene Greaves Credit.png 15,550

F2A2C68E 005A7CAA569F6772.png Red Scalene Headgear Credit.png 15,550

670B8E40 43F8FAB4526438D3.png Red Scalene Utility Belt Credit.png 9,450

1EE183B4 45D450CDDDFDD881.png White Scalene Boots Credit.png 35,000

A2173B8F 5CE6E5A1A6D934F6.png White Scalene Bracers Credit.png 20,000

02001573 91421A0DBB44FA84.png White Scalene Chestguard Credit.png 50,000

DC0A50F7 2E60D4EA5C305CDE.png White Scalene Gauntlets Credit.png 35,000

2A994634 676B0698FCF0324A.png White Scalene Greaves Credit.png 50,000

94671245 AB463C4167839678.png White Scalene Headgear Credit.png 50,000

139F11C9 88E0C6F8C1F2CB8B.png White Scalene Utility Belt Credit.png 20,000

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Gree commerce always evolves blue equilateral.
  • Greetings, biped! Let us engage in purple vertex.
  • Journey toward purple parallel, biped-friend!

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