"The Troida Military Workshop epitomizes the “new” Balmorra. Ostensibly an independent business, it nonetheless answers to the Empire and serves as a supply depot and weapons manufacturer for Imperial headquarters in Sobrik. Its overseers are expected to worry about Imperial edicts first, and profit last. Not surprisingly, its workers have been known in the past to harbor resistance sympathies. Nevertheless, its production remains strategically vital to the Imperial war effort, and caravans between Sobrik and Troida have been subjected to frequent guerrilla attacks by the resistance in an attempt to cut off the lifeblood of the Empire on Balmorra."
―In-game Codex Empire Side (Locations)[src]
"For most of the Imperial occupation, the Troida Military Workshop kept supplies and goods flowing into Imperial headquarters in Sobrik. Balmorran resistance members often staged raids on Troida convoys, denying the Empire resources while securing much-needed supplies for themselves. But Troida’s workers–ordinary citizens forced to work under Imperial oppression–also harbored resistance leanings, resentful that their independent company answered only to the Empire’s directives. As the resistance on Balmorra crumbled, Troida became a rallying point for surviving resistance fighters. Imperial control was cast off, and now the workshop is the largest remaining base for the persistent Balmorran freedom fighters."
―In-game Codex Republic Side (Locations)[src]
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