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StrongLevel 6 Melee NPC (Strong)

Species: [[Human]]
Gender: Male
Health: 485
Planet: [[Ord Mantell]]
Location: [-772, 193]

[[Category:Ord Mantell NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

Trymbo is a male human scientist encountered on the planet Ord Mantell. He's the husband of Loonda, and the couple have a home in Oradam Village. Trymbo possesses an overactive imagination and his perceptions of the world around him reflect this, but he's managed to create a chemical compound that can greatly improve the performance of artillery cannons.


Viidu needs some way of distracting Rogan the Butcher while he decodes stolen separatist data and locates the shipment of blasters stolen by Skavak. A chemical compound created by the scientist Trymbo would prevent Rogun from turning his attention to the weapons, and learning of their theft. Trymbo's chemicals are highly unstable, but they're also capable of increasing the power of artillery weapons.

Mission objective
Galactic Republic Icon class smuggler.png [6] Deadly Delivery

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