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Tuk'ata are a sentient species.


The Force-sensitive Tuk'ata, or Sith hounds, were used for thousands of years to guard the tombs of the Dark Lords of the Sith on Korriban.

Considering that many were sealed inside the tombs themselves, some believe that they were immortal or drew nourishment from the Force itself. It is also possible that they survived by feeding on small vermin or other creatures that infested the tombs as decay and time created new openings in the stone walls.

They were fearless guardians and would kill anything that entered the tombs. While on Korriban, Exar Kun was forced to fight several hounds as a test. Revan managed to kill one and take a Sith holocron from its belly. There where also some Tuk'ata in Tulak Hord's tomb, where the Tuk'ata mother lived. Darth Bane had to deal with them in the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban.

The Tuk'ata were at least semi-sentient, and could speak the Sith language.