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Ulgo Siegebreaker
<Heroic World Boss>

Ulgo Siegebreaker

Champion Level 33 Ulgo War Titan
HP: 420,804

Species Droid
Gender Neutral
Planet Alderaan
Location [250, -275]
CXP 200
Enrage 8 minutes
Respawn 2 hours


Siegebreaker is a level 34, four-legged, insect-like war droid similar in look to a Colicoid. You’ll find the boss just south of Wardpost Hurne, in the Glarus Valley, wandering up and down the river bisecting the map labled as a Heroic Area called Siegebreaker Warpath.





T.L/D.R.: Stay out of AoE and interrupt Fusion Missile/Plasma Pulse.

Apart from a single Foraging Flutterplume, there are no additional mobs that need to be cleared or will pull with Siegebreaker – your tank can just pull him whenever they are ready. It is recommended that a standard group composition consisting of 1 tank, 2 healers, and an equal DPS mix of ranged and melee is used for this fight – although Siegebreaker uses Area of Effect damage effectively with Fusion Missile, so it is recommended to be light on melee or ensure your melee are aware of their surroundings and good at interrupts. As this is a positioning sensitive fight, it is essential that your party members stay spread out at all times. The tank should position Siegebreaker so it faces away from the raid; melee should setup on the opposite side, flanking Siegebreaker’s back. Ranged should then position themselves a little ways back from this, distributing themselves in such a manner that they have 2 meters of free space around them in any given direction.

Siegebreaker’s tactics rely on three main abilities. The first of these is Plasma Pulse. This ability looks like a pair of concentrated red lasers emitting from Siegebreaker’s mandibles. Plasma Pulse will target the second highest party member on the aggro table and will instantly start dealing a large amount of Damage Over Time to them. The cast is channeled, and must be interrupted immediately by a member of the party because it is such a heavy-hitting ability. Plasma Pulse will be cast at minimum every eight seconds, but may take longer to recast depending on the rotation priority the boss is at.

The second ability is Fusion Missile, an AoE with a range of 35 meters that looks like a discharge of energy centered on the boss. Fusion Missile has a cast time of three seconds, a minimum cooldown of 15 seconds, and should similarly be interrupted. If it isn’t, Siegebreaker will deal damage to every raid member within the vicinity.

The third mechanic you will have to watch out for are the bombs that Siegebreaker frequently tosses out into the middle of the raid, Kinetic Repulsor. Siegebreaker will summon a set of three bright blue beams from the sky that will converge upon a randomly targeted member. Simultaneously, a faint, red targeting reticule with a radius of around 3 meters will appear on the ground beneath said member. That individual will have to move out quickly, because in a few seconds, bombs will start dropping in that area, and will continuously deal AoE damage. These bomb areas will remain for 30 seconds, and are the reason why it is imperative your raid stays spread out. If you find yourself standing in the midst of one of these, you will have to move immediately and wait for the animation to finish, before moving back to your original position.[1]


Prototype RD-15A Mercenary Greaves
Prototype TH-05A Operative Bracers
Schematic: Advanced Magenta Vehemence Crystal


Codex/Achievement: Epic Enemies/Ulgo Siegebreaker