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Unassembled Arkanian Mainhand Weapon
Unassembled Arkanian Mainhand Weapon
Binds on Pickup
Turn in to the Gear vendor on the Supply Section of the Fleet for an equippable piece of gear.

Unassembled Arkanian Mainhand Weapon is an Arkanian gear token. It can be traded to a class Elite Gear Vendor on the Imperial and Republic Fleet for an Arkanian mainhand weapon.


Unassembled Arkanian Mainhand Weapon is obtained from the Cartel Warlords in story mode Scum and Villainy and from Golden Fury.


Unassembled Arkanian Mainhand Weapon can be traded in for the following items:

Bounty Hunter / Trooper Imperial Agent / Smuggler Sith Inquisitor / Jedi Consular Sith Warrior / Jedi Knight
Arkanian Combat Medic's Blaster Pistol
Arkanian Combat Tech's Blaster Pistol
Arkanian Eliminator's Blaster Pistol
Arkanian Supercommando's Blaster Pistol
Arkanian Enforcer's Blaster Rifle
Arkanian Field Medic's Blaster Rifle
Arkanian Field Tech's Sniper Rifle
Arkanian Professional's Sniper Rifle
Arkanian Force-Master's Lightsaber
Arkanian Force-Mystic's Lightsaber
Arkanian Stalker's Saberstaff
Arkanian Survivor's Saberstaff
Arkanian Challenger's Lightsaber
Arkanian Vindicator's Lightsaber
Arkanian War Leader's Lightsaber
Arkanian Weaponmaster's Lightsaber


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