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Unaw Aharo was a male Bith who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic as a Padawan and later as a Jedi Knight during the Cold War and Galactic War against the Sith Empire.


Unaw was inducted into the Order as a Jedi Padawan during the Cold War and sent to Tython to complete Jedi training. While training, the Order's interests on Tython were attacked by Tython's native Flesh Raiders, and Aharo discovered that the Dark Jedi Callef was leading the native Flesh Raiders of Tython against the Order. Captured by Callef, Unaw was rescued by another Jedi learner and Jedi Master Orgus Din.

Aharo passed the Jedi Trials not long after the conflict with the Flesh Raiders, and when Grand Master Satele Shan and Master Jaric Kaedan sent Jedi to aid the Republic Military in the Battle of Corellia, Aharo was among those sent to the world. Aharo was soon recruited by the same Padawan who had saved his life before, now a Jedi Knight, into the Outer Rim Jedi Forces and served as the Hero's lieutenant during the group's mission to stop the corrupted Jedi Master Tol Braga from massacring civilians on the command of the Sith Emperor. After the Hero departed Corellia to confront the Emperor himself, Aharo remained behind with the other Jedi to aid the Republic in their ultimately successful battle for control of the planet.


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