The Underworld is a term used to describe people or organizations that only place loyalties in themselves and preform illegal acts for personal gain or enjoyment. The majority of these include pirates, black marketeers, smugglers, and most bounty hunters. Criminal organizations such as Black Sun and The Exchange represent the most dangerous criminal organizations to represent the underworld. 

Nico Okarr, spice runner and smuggler

The Hutt Cartel represents, to many, the most powerful organization outside of the Republic and Empire, due to the fact that it runs much of the contraband that other underworld organizations use in their operations and business deals, becoming virtual kings of the underworld. Lots of "backwater" planets, such as Tatooine, Hutta and Nar Shaddaa have become places of interest when it comes to massive underworld influence, causing pirates and smugglers to congregate on these worlds looking for deals to make with others of their occupation.

Notable Underworld Locations

Notable People/Groups

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