• I live in London Ontario
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is CSR
  • I am male

About Me

Draascus, is a character name I used for my Draenei turned Blood Elf warrior on Alterac Mountains, in World of Warcraft. Having grown fond of the name it has become my Sith Juggernaut. Being recruited to Virtue of Vice there, I've decided to join them here as well. I intend on making one of every character in game, to experience their story and romantic interests on both light and dark.

On December 31, 2011, Draascus hit level 50 when finishing the Corellian questline. This made my character the first level 50 within Virtue of Vice. Having hit max level, with max professions, the task of properly gearing for the end game content has begun.

Datacron hunting has become an obsession for me; granted most of the character stat increases are useless for my class, the "Galactic History" codex entries will fill in time between waiting for guildmates and party members. I have successfully located the datacrons of most of the planets I have access to; one of Belsavis' and one of Hoth's, and the +10 Imperial Fleet have yet to be found.


Draascus, level 50, Pureblood Sith Juggernaut

Kiavi, level 34, Pureblood Sith Sorcerer

Kaida, level 24, Chiss Mercenary

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